Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Philly Tech Week Schedule 2016 - Will it all fall into place?

Philly Tech Week is certainly a highlight of my spring.  It is a great way for me to see and reconnect with a ton of people I know in the tech scene, as well as, meet new people.  Besides that, I learn a lot. 

Chariot has been a supporter of Philly Tech Week (PTW) since the first year. Philly Startup Leaders Entrepreneurs Expo was born during PTW and TechGirlz has also benefitted from PTW with the start of the Women in Tech Summit.  It is amazing how it has grown over the years. Technically Philly has done a fantastic job!

As I viewed the calendar this year, I knew I was in trouble.  There are a lot of events I want to attend.  I am perhaps over ambitious in my current schedule, but I thought I would share where I will be. I will also share the events I could not get to, but wanted to, due to schedule conflicts.  

I will also be seeing how Septa and Uber or Lyft will help me during the week. And hopefully I will have some time to grab some good food while I am in the city. 

Thursday, 4/28 - Through A Prism: Why Diversity Matters in Tech and Design - Great topic, since Technology is not just about coding. Good design impacts how software and hardware products are used.  

The Startup Crawl looks good if you don't want to trek out to the Navy Yard.

Friday, 4/29  - PTW16 Kickoff at Dilworth Plaza- hoping the weather holds out for this one!

Due to a schedule conflict, I can't go to Creative Mornings in Philadelphia with Todd Carmichael or Techniculture with Sree Sreenviasan, Chief Digital Officer of the Met.  I wish I could do both, sad I can't get to either!

Monday 5/2 - Philadelphia Health and Sciences Future - with Philly a mecca for the health and bio industry, I want to hear what the future holds.  It will help me plan some of Chariot's future direction.
Then off to - Let's Talk Tech run by my friends at Slice.  There is always more to learn about press and media relations
And then I am going to try and be in two places at once, but I don't think it is going to work.
TechGirlz is the beneficiary of the proceeds from the How Can Philly Be the Gender Equity Capital discussion at the Pyramid Club.  Beside the donation, I like a panel that is showcasing the how of change!
Now that starts at 6 and starting at 6:30 is the Mayoral Tech Town Hall.  I am always interested to see how the city government will be helping and participating with the tech community.  We shall see if I can do both. If not, Karen Stellabotte, TechGirlz Program Director, will be at this one and can give me a run down. 

Tuesday 5/3 another busy day has me starting at Transforming Tomorrow Today.  I love that this put on by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission discussing how emerging technologies are changing our region.
Then it is off to Curalate's open house (and maybe a quick stop at Hip City Vedge) before heading back to the Rad Girl Awards where they were nice enough to nominate me as Tech Educator of the Year.
There are several conflicting events that are too numerous to mention, so I suggest checking out May 3 for yourself. It looks like there are a few events that were added after I made my schedule.

Dev Days is on 5/4.  I will be manning the Chariot table at the Dev Days event (and Sujan Kapadia, one of our senior architects will be teaching Intro to Scala in the morning).   The evening will see me at the Women in Tech Soiree and PSL's Entrepreneur Expo. and the Dev Days Happy Hour.

Thursday 5/5 has me starting at my own office with our CTO, Aaron Mulder, teaching a workshop on Ionic for mobile apps.  The workshop is sold out. I would like to go to the Digital Health Evolution Conference or the Intersection of Poverty and Data, but those pesky "other obligations" are in the way. I will be headed to From Philly to DC: Building Inclusive Tech Communities followed by Mindful Startups, where Grant Hartman, a Chariot co-worker and mindfulness proponent, will be speaking.

I won't be at the closing event this year because I have an important family obligation, but you can't be everywhere.

This schedule is subject to change based on many factors including transportation, if my map planning skills actually are in tact, could I fit something else in the schedule and did I need to stop to eat!

Here's to a great Philly Tech Week! Follow my week @twelsonrossman on Twitter and Instagram.

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