Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Off to the next adventure, thank you PSL

Last night was my last duty as a Philly Startup Leader board member. Knowing that this was coming has given me some time to think about the last 5 1/2 years of one of the most satisfying volunteer gigs I have ever had.

Chris Cera said it best last Thursday at Founder Factory, the startup community was not exactly jumping when PSL was started. There was no Start Up Weekend, no Technically Philly, no DreamIt, Ventureforth, Benjamin's Desk, SeedPhilly or Philly tech meetup. But there was a group of people who wanted to connect with each other, learn from each other and try and build tech businesses.
I feel pretty lucky that I have been able to help in the building what is now the largest community of entrepreneurs in Philadelphia. I love my city and I believe our region has special qualities that allow us to build great companies. I have meet others in our city and region who feel the same way, many of them who have become life long friends.

As much as I have given to the community, I have received back in new knowledge, connections and experience. I know we have built a sustainable organization that at its heart will continue to lead the region’s entrepreneurs in new and better directions. I am excited to see what the new leadership team will create over the next several years.

And if you are thinking of getting involved in PSL, don’t wait to be asked, just jump in.  It will be one of the most worthwhile experiences you will ever have.

So thank you to everyone on the board and leadership team.  It has been a privilege to work with you.


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